MyWhoosh California Map Teaser

Wow. Ready to put last month’s Zwift price hike into perspective? It’s genuinely hard to write this post without comparing it to Zwift, and I don’t really want too because this deserves to standalone. Truly epic. OK, so I strongly suggest you simply watch the video. But if you can’t, or won’t, or just want … Read more

MyWhoosh February 2024 Update Teaser Drops

Yesterday MyWhoosh released a short (a very short!) teaser video that they titled “šŸ¤« Psst… Guess what’s coming!Ā #comingsoon“, which is a 17 second video stating the following: And that, very helpfully, it is ‘coming soon’. Out of the 17 seconds, there really is only about 7 seconds (being generous) of content here to dissect. But … Read more

MyWhoosh Becomes UCI Road World Championships Main Partner for 2024-2026

In a typically wordy press release, everyone’s favourite governing body The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)Ā announced yesterday that MyWoosh has become the Main Partner of the UCI Road World Championships for the next three editions of the event (2024-2026). These events, for those of us who don’t keep the next two years worth of calendar in … Read more