MyWhoosh Workout List Update

Following on from the previous couple of posts on this, I thought I would share the latest changes to the MyWhoosh workout list.

I’ve been working on adding in a general Categories page, then an individual Category page, and that should link to all the workouts in the category.

Here’s the basic MyWhoosh Workout Categories page as it currently stands:

MyWhoosh Workout Categories page view

That’s the most basic of the pages currently.

I want to do more with that – showing the number of workouts in each category at an absolute minimum. Not got around to that just yet.

Then when you click through, e.g. to the MyWhoosh¬†Sprint¬†Workouts List there is a breakdown of each workout to give an ‘at a glance’ view:

mywhoosh workout category view

I still have a bunch to do on that page:

  • Sort by duration
  • Sort by intensity
  • Sort by TSS

Also I want to change the workout background so it doesn’t blend right into the page.

I’d also like to make some changes to the workout graph display – to show time and FTP percentage. But that’s a little more tricky.

Right now a big list view is better than nothing.

Then I made a couple of small changes to the Workout view:

mywhoosh individual workout view

You’d have to be pretty keen eyed to spot these.

I added the breadcrumbs at the top – so you can get back to the Categories / individual category pages.

However when doing that I noticed workouts can be in more than one category, which currently means the breadcrumb links back to the first category it finds that matches, not necessarily the one you came from. I’m not quite sure how I might fix that.

I also tidied up the workout description on mobile – not shown.

One thing I’d really like to do is get to ‘group’ the intervals, if they repeat. The table output at the moment is huge, and I can definitely group together repeated steps to trim this down. That’s still to come.

Also, free ride is still broken in terms of display, and one thing I personally really want is some indication as to whether the intervals involve cadence work. That is something I either am specifically looking for in a workout, or specifically want to avoid.

I also did some work here to make a nice card background for the category view. So if you link to it, e.g. on Twitter or Facebook, it has a nice image:

That’s actually quite a bit of work in itself. I did that for workouts, categories, and the main category page.

I have a big Trello board of stuff to work through. So I’m not struggling to find tasks!

More updates to follow, as and when.

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