How I Fixed: MyWhoosh Download Restarting Again and Again

This one is a bit of a fail on my part, but in the most recent patch of MyWhoosh I had to download 15gb or so. The problem was, after downloading about 90mb, the patch process stopped, hung around for a little bit, then failed, reset to zero, and restarted.

MyWhoosh Download Restarting Again and Again

That was quite annoying, given that I set the patch going, then left the PC on with the monitor off hoping to come back a few hours later and ride on my lunch break. When I turned the monitor back on and saw the patch hadn’t got passed 30mb, I was left scratching my head.

Now, as I say, the fix to this (for me) was quite easy. I had installed MyWhoosh on my C:\ drive, but that disk had run out of space.

What I ended up having to do was uninstall MyWhoosh from the C:\ drive, and then reinstall on the Games / D:\ drive as I originally had intended.

The thing is, because MyWhoosh is installed using the Microsoft Store, this is made way more painful to do than you would have found with other games, where you just select a place to install too. Why is new stuff harder than what was working just fine?

Anyway, to fix this you need to do a bunch of steps.

Note: this will not change the installed location. You will need to remove and reinstall MyWhoosh to move it from one disk drive to a different disk drive.

The first is to type in “Settings” down on the task bar. This brings up the blue cog icon, which you need to click:

mywhoosh change install location setings menu windows

This should bring up a menu with all your settings. From here you need to click “System“.

windows mywhoosh reinstall select system

Another menu now pops up.

You need to select “Storage” on the left hand side. It’s midway down the list.

windows change mywhoosh install location settings storage

Clicking on Storage rather unsurprisingly brings up the Storage management page.

Next you need to click on “Change where new content is saved” which is under More storage settings down at the bottom of the middle pane.

windows move mywhoosh install location to a different drive

Almost there. It’s like climbing up El Liminor in the big ring, isn’t it?

Finally, change the top option – “New apps will save to:” to whatever disk drive you want to use.

Here I have already selected Games (D:) which is a drive specific to my system.

mywhoosh change install location of the game on windows

When you select a new disk drive, you will need to Apply the change:

Here I have set the menu to Local Disk (C:) only for demo.

Again, simply swapping this will not change my already installed apps / games. It will only affect anything new I install.

If you want to swap your MyWhoosh installation from one disk to another, you will need to reinstall unfortunately.

Once I did this, I could then uninstall my existing MyWhoosh, freeing up lots of space on C:, and then installing on D: where I had a bunch of free space. After this the patch applied just fine, but of course at 16gb for 3.5.1, it takes a long time to download, depending on your connection speed. Mine is far from amazing.

I hope that helps!

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  1. In current version of Win10 i could move the app in settings / apps next to Mywhoosh app find button “move”.
    Cherrs MAP


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