Site Update – End Of July 2022

A massive site update today, in terms of the number of listed bike climbs anyway.

We jump from:


Pretty crazy.

It’s taking a lot longer to make updates with that many climbs to list. The database upload itself takes nearly 4 hours, then another hour or two to import it once uploaded.

Worth it, though.

Other Stuff

I’m well aware of a few key site failings. Whilst I was away in Tenerife recently I tried to use the site to find some local climbs (Tiede, anyone?)

Well, I realised that there’s a bunch of stuff needing fixing:

  1. “Find my location”
    Probably the biggest missing thing on the site for me right now. It would be so cool to be able to click one button and find all the nearby climbs.
  2. The site is too localised
    Yeah, massive failing here. I set the site up so all the climb names are in their own language. But try to find Tenerife as a Brit… it comes back as Canarias like the Spanish way of saying it. What a mistake.
  3. Search takes forever
    And it just got even slower with the latest update.
  4. Virtual Climbs
    It would be super nice to be able to see Zwift climbs, for example.

That’s just a small fraction of stuff on my list.

And that’s the thing with web development. It’s never “done”.

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