Site Move

Just a short blog post today to note the moving of from one server to another.

Will this have any impact on you?

No. Aside from my clumsiness taking the site down for the entire morning… long story, but the database transfer totally failed because I missed a / from the copy command. Nuts eh? Two hours of my life wasted over an errant forward slash. I hate computers.

Anyway, the move is between two servers in the same data centre – and if that doesn’t mean anything then lucky you – and the reason is down to cost.

I got an email from my server host a few weeks back to say the price of each server was increasing due to the cost of electricity in Germany, where my servers live. Well, lived on a server with very low utilisation, so I’ve moved it to a busier server. However, it should have next to no impact so ultimately this is a very long winded way of saying… business as usual folks.

But as it’s taken my entire Saturday morning, I felt I should blog it for posterity.

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