Map Improvement: Clickable Climb Markers

A big change in May was to get the new map functionality online. I wanted to get that done before I went away on holiday, as it was when I was in Tenerife last year that I came up with the idea to add that to the site.

Anyway, I managed to get it done and uploaded / deployed a week or so before going on holiday.

Then, when I was led by the pool testing it out properly, I noticed that, whoops, I had not actually made it so you could click on any of the climbs to visit them. Sigh.

This latest change fixes that. It’s still not perfect. I’d really like to make it so you can reference the Cycling Climbs in … table to then show you where that climb is on the map. I feel that would be helpful. But this is better than it was.

Map Improvement: Clickable Climb Markers

I’ve made it so that the marker contains the rank of the climb you have clicked, which is pretty helpful. But as ever there is still so much more I’d love to add. It’s time dependant, of course, and unfortunately I do not have any more time spare this morning to do extra.

If there are any ideas, feedback, suggestions, whatever, do leave a comment. I’ll try my best.

OK, that’s me – enjoy!

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