Beginner Friendly Cycling Blogs

This is, unfortunately, a fairly short list of cycling blogs aimed at beginners, or written by beginners to the wonderful world of cycling.

This is my personal reading list. There are a ton of beginner friendly cycling blogs out, but so very few have seen any new updates in the last 12 months and beyond.

All blogs listed here are either regularly updated.

Cycling Indoors

A riding journal documenting Chris’s fitness progression from absolute beginner through to present day. This blog serves as an accountability exercise, with detailed write ups of every ride, training progress, and longer term fitness improvemtns.

Average Joe Cyclist

Maggie and Joe are unashamedly average cyclists. They write their blog for people like them (and, frankly, most of us!). They are people who love cycling but who don’t necessarily look good in Lycra.

Prodify Cycling

Troy writes a lot of beginner focused articles that answer many questions you may have already, or may not yet realise you have.

Ordinary Cycling Girl

Update (20 January 2024): Pretty sure this site is hacked, don’t visit for the moment.

Not linked (but Google it), as there is a security issue with this site at the time of writing. If you can get around the security certificate problem, this is a great cycling blog for anyone to enjoy, not restricted to women.

More Beginner Friendly Cycling Blogs?

Are you a beginner who writes a cycling blog? If so, get in touch by leaving a comment below and let me know the URL and I’ll add it to this list.

Likewise, if you know of any beginner friendly cycling blogs that I have missed which you think should be added, be sure to tell me and I can update this page. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Beginner Friendly Cycling Blogs”

  1. It’s so interesting. Thanks for sharing. I love bicycles, I love cycling. It is an eco-friendly friend that we should own. With that in mind, I’ve also created a bike-friendly blog to make cyclists happier and safer on the road. And we also create a free global bicycle anti-theft service that uses mobile phones, scannable QR code cards, and social media to fight bike theft. I think it’s essential for every cyclist. Hope my blog and our service will inspire you and help everyone.

  2. Having difficulty finding this. I’m interested in starting a local blog. Town’s available biking routes and potential is severely under utilized.
    Google maps wont recognize trails. Roads getting resurfaced
    (election year maintenance) w/o any infrastructure improvements. A lot more going on in my town. Wa ting to start w/ blogging.

  3. Chris, i just came across this list of cycling blogs and i would say ordinary cycling girl has some really cool insights to cycling and i appreciate her she is in cycling. The security issue on the website seem to have been fixed though. The text looks boring but its useful. Thumbs up for you finding donna blog

  4. Hi! I have a cycling blog geared towards women. I am a beginner/intermediate rider and write about my experiences trying to make friends in the cycling community, teaching myself maintenance, and how life gets in the way of cycling sometimes. I am trying to bring more attention to casual riders and to serve as a resource for those trying to get into riding. It’s fun and doesn’t have to be only about racing and lycra!


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