[46/23] This Week In Cycling

Here we go with the second instalment of “This Week in Cycling”. You can see last week’s by clicking here.

Zone Training: 101 Guides

I’ve covered these over the past two weeks, but now the series is complete.

Personally I’ve found a ton of value in these guides, and if you’re like me and you’re always looking for something to read or watch to better your cycling performances, then look no further:

The 101 Training series:

How Far Can You Go In 1 Hour On A Boris Bike?

YouTuber Cameron Jeffers has an almost Top Gear-esque approach to cycling videos. In his latest video he attempts to beat the Hour Record on a Boris Bike.

Now, I’ve never ridden a Boris Bike, but I do know it’s not Cameron’s first outing on one. In a previous video he took a Boris Bike out to the Alpe D’Huez which was a fun watch.

In this one he attempts to beat the 31.8km in 60 minutes record set by Rob Holden. I’d be pretty happy maintaining 115rpm for an hour, regardless of the power / distance.

So Long GCN+ & GCN App

This week the GCN team announced that the GCN+ channel, and the accompanying GCN App will both shut for good on December 19th 2023.

They are keen to point out this decision is not theirs, but that of their parent company, Warner Brothers Discovery.

That second part was actually news to me. I thought GCN were owned by Eurosport. But no. Well, kind of. The many channels of GCN come under the “Play Sports Group”. They, in turn are owned by Warner Brothers Discovery. And so are Eurosport. So I was sort of right.

DC Rainmaker Reviews The Zwift Hub One

If you haven’t been paying attention to Zwift’s latest offering, their big differentiation this time around is the Zwift Cog. Rather than having to mount a cassette to your turbo, the Zwift Cog is one ‘gear’ but you get 24 virtual gears once inside Zwift.

Of course, that then raises the question: does this only work with Zwift?

And the answer to that is… sort of. Ray answers that, and probably every other question you had (or didn’t know you had) about Zwift’s £549 offering.

Weirdly, it only simulates up to 16% gradient, yet Zwift has several sections of road that go above that, the Radio Tower, Yorkshire, and for a brief moment, Richmond Reverse all come to mind.

ED-209 Goes Cycling

Making the meme rounds this week, Tesla’s Cybertruck struggling to fit a bike in the back.

However, also spotted, and less reported:

That’s it really for the good stuff I saw this week. I didn’t want to cover yet another spew of negativity. Keep it light!

See you next week.

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