[08/24] This Week In Cycling

This week brought the pro peloton closer to home, and as such feels like the real start to the cycling season for those of us in cooler climes. Meanwhile there’s the usual mixture of retail woes to absorb, including Wiggle’s worries. Apparently if you read every single word on this page today, it would take … Read more

[07/24] This Week In Cycling

Prepare your eyes: Alpecin-Deceuninck may make them bleed this week, but if you suffer from chilly ears then ugly helmet modifications may be just what you’re searching for. Lots of racing related stuff this time around, from fast descents to grandpas in the peloton telling us how it ain’t like it used to be. As … Read more

[06/24] This Week In Cycling

As we move into the second week of February the big cycling news this week has featured race results, racers being racist, and a resurgence in doping. Or at least dopers and their doctors being caught. Beyond that we have the continual tail of two halves in cycling. One half has lots of money and … Read more

[04/24] This Week In Cycling

A very busy and varied week this time around. And hey, fortunately not all full of doom and gloom in the cycling retail business for a change. There’s even some positive news… or a positive forecast (cough: guess) at least. If you want to see last week’s edition, you can click here. If not, then … Read more