Mortirolo da Tovo Gf Stelvio

Mondadizza, Tovo di Sant'Agata, Comunità montana della Valtellina di Tirano, Sondrio, Lombardy, 23030, Italy

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Climb Stats

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Climb (Meters)1,146.8 m
Distance (Kilometers)10.98 km
Average Gradient10.4%
Climb CategoryHC – Hors Categorie

Detailed Climb Stats

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Distance (Miles)6.82 miles
Distance (Raw)10,982.3 m
Elevation High1,704.4 m
Elevation Low557.6 m
Maximum Gradient24.4%
Climb Difficulty Score114,655.21

Social Climbing

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There are 5,847 recorded attempts by 4,655 individual cyclists.


That's an average of 1.26 attempts per cyclist.


No one has favourited this climb.

Climb Rank

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This climb ranks 2,280th out of 2,710,652 worldwide cycling climbs.


Ranked as the 674th most difficult cycling climb of all 223,821 climbs in Italy.


Places 161st out of 29,196 cycling climbs in Lombardy.

Ranks 104th out of 3,053 cycling climbs in Sondrio.


A local climb of note, this is the 4th most difficult cycling climb (out of 22 climbs) in Tovo di Sant'Agata.

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